Play for Peace is Turning 20!

"An hour of Play is almost worth a lifetime of conversation." —Craig Dobkin, Cofounder of Play for Peace

In 1998, Play for Peace officially became a registered organization in the United States. This landmark event was preceded by the actions of Craig Dobkin and Michael Terrien, who in 1996 began implementing their dream of bringing together children, youth, and organizations through cooperative play under the umbrella of the Association of Experiential Education (AEE). What began with a dream about a red ball bouncing through the Balkans towards Jerusalem, soon became a reality in many communities around the globe.

Today, Play for Peace is active in over 60 communities spanning 19 countries, and youth leaders are facilitating practice peace sessions that include children with different backgrounds, thus creating friendships across divides.

Join us virtually for a Facebook live event on September 17 at 10am CDT, to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Share Play for Peace stories and messages, get to know the Play for Peace founders and our supporters, and learn about our vision for the next 20 years and how we’ll continue to bring peace to communities in conflict.