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AN ORGANIC HEALER: Guest Blog Series

"We were born with collective identity that is why we coexist and can connect with each other on many levels."

  I meant to share these thoughts for a long time. These thoughts are coming from my fifteen years of journey from help-seeker to a healer. As a middle child, coming from a middle-class family, survived in a women restricted community and stood up for freedom in a patriarchal country, I learned to value the art of ‘sharing‘ and ‘helping‘. I believe the first thing we human being learned as a child was sharing, whether it’s our toys, food, space or feelings, pains, and needs. Sharing is not just a positive attitude; it’s an authentic sense that we all have since our nativity. A child calls it ‘sharing’ and adult would call it ‘helping.’ Helping is human’s authentic nature and a center of human’s life. It’s impossible to think even of living without any assistance. Here is a demo, just think of your day from the time you get up until the time you sleep. Whatever you did throughout the day falls into two broad categories: a) either you helped someone or, b) you got help from someone. We adults believe that life is a circle, what you give, you get back. But do we always have a choice to give what you intent? Often we try to balance between Natural or Artificial. For instance, think about our morning coffee, comfortable attire, favorite time-pass or sharing feelings, what we prefer our Natural or Superficial self? I see help as a ‘Natural Conscience’ whereas ignorance is an ‘Artificial Emotion’. When we think about ‘Who we are”, we mostly go through our pure feelings, natural space and consider our honest actions. Helping and sharing are part of our real self and a living reality, on the other hand, ignorance is a self-created excuse to abuse our social power. The organic cycle of help is based on ‘We’ rather than the superficial cycle of ignorance ‘Us vs. Them.’ We were born with collective identity that is why we coexist and connect with each other on many levels. However, our unnatural teachings made us believe in our differences that put us on a mask to cover who we really are. Here is my theory of Organic Conscience vs. Modified Emotion: It will shed some light to see a bigger picture of what does help do? And why it’s a center of human’s life? The Healer Circle: Helping—-Healing—-Healers The art of helping heals people and creates healers. As a healer, we listen to the people needs and extend help. Just think about your psychiatrist or counselor, what do they do? They first listen and then help. It is as simple as that. Walls, TV, car, phone and furniture don’t understand our pain and needs, people do. We need more meetings, talking, sharing and helping each other, it is the organic method of human co-existence. When people remember our presence in their qualitative change, this is the time you will know you are a healer. I believe we all have healer’s heart, just listen to it! The Ignorance Circle: Ignorance —-Killings —-killers Ignorance promotes disturbance that leads to killings and killings just create more killers. Ignorance is a systematically modified practice that inserted in us for the benefit of a few. Ignorance is an unnatural characteristic of humans that is why we tend to hate people who we don’t even know. Ignorance slits our organic conscience and stains our social structure. Shunning our superficial teachings that direct us to override our genuine human experiences to buy manipulated feelings from media might help us to come out of this trap. I witnessed both the circles and I believe the circle of helping is still bigger than ignorance. Not because it is an organic practice but because it is part of our moral sense. Why happy people help others? I think because they live and believe in the cycle of helping that gives light of hope to many. In other words, their conscience is active. Like others, I was also looking for a purpose in my life, and when I introspected, I found my answer. My purpose of living is being in the cycle of helping hapless souls to turn them into healers! The last but not least, I believe we need more healers now than ever before. Please help people and real causes, whenever you can. Remember, with your support, the cycle of help can run faster and give us an opportunity to solve ‘Our Problems’ collectively. Helping someone with your authentic moral sense is a therapy, try it! I assure you will feel better being a part of your help-o-thon!! A mantra for healer:
  1. Listen stories that need to be heard, you understand people better when you know their stories
  2. Find opportunities to help people and good causes, it will heal people and communities
  3. Make justice your priority, so nobody will ever be afraid of speaking the truth
  4. Add ‘We’ to your perspective and trash ‘Us vs. them’ – Social issues are not ‘their problems’ it’s ‘our problems’
  5. Feed your organic conscience that banish our superficial avatar
I will be writing more about my life experiences as a healer in my coming blog. Imroz Shaw, (a healer).   15597973028_f74000dca2_oImroz is a Global Operations Manager, Play for Peace. Most recently, she completed her Masters in International Peace & Security and Human Rights from United Nations mandated University for Peace and working on an academic research with Washington State University extension program in 2015. Imroz is a traveler by heart and fate, her adventures include India, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Pakistan, Cambodia, Nepal, South Korea and USA to work with organizations and schools.