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#OurStories: Mentor Farheen Anwar

Farheen Anwar is a physically challenged PFP Mentor from Delhi. With 2 clubs under her tutelage -- Youth Tech Hub PFP and Education Resource Center PFP -- Farheen volunteers every day, taking Sundays off. In between her active volunteerism, she does household chores, follows strict parental rules, takes care of brothers and sisters, and completes her studies. Anyone would be challenged. Farheen and her clubs have participated in tons of activities throughout the year, serving their respective communities. With activities like park cleaning, household cleaning, club cleaning, and water conservation education sprinkled in with Practice Peace Sessions, Farheen stays incredibly positive about her place and purpose with Play for Peace. "I live in the slums and urban area where there is a lot of discrimination and not a lot of jobs or education," Farheen shared. However, she maintains her role as a peace ambassador for the youth in her community.

"PFP does not show any discrimination." The children in Farheen's clubs learn a lot - she discusses the principle of sowing and reaping, thinking about the future and the protection of the world, and differentiating between good deeds and bad deeds. And Play for Peace games are injected into all of these lessons. "Children like funny games, so I like to play Haryani and Lambi, Dadhi, and Window Shopping best," said Farheen. Farheen has not escaped discrimination. She was called "useless" because of her physical handicap. However, through her work with PFP, she has found purpose, family, fun, caring, cooperation, and inclusion in her community. Her physical limitations do not limit her impact on the children of Delhi.