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Tag : India

A Playful Talk with Neelam

Meet Neelam, our youth facilitator from India, and learn about her Play for peace journey.

World Peace Day Celebration: New Dehli

"As we walked and played, we invited people participate in our sessions. From time to time, we were joined by both children and adults. It was a great experience for our Peace club's youth to lead sessions in both public and private spaces..." As…

Community Spotlight: Khel Se Mel

“We want to give socially excluded children an opportunity to build their self-esteem, experience inclusion and learn cooperation through PLAY!” Play for Peace has collaborated with Khel Se Mel (KSM) in Hyderabad since 2012. KSM  applies…

Crossing The Border: A "Peace is Possible" Story

"It has taken time for Play for Peace to cross this border, over 15 years in fact, and now that it has, we aim to keep the connection alive because another world IS POSSIBLE..." The border that has been so difficult to cross lies between India…