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Tag : Vietnam

Welcome Tham as our new Southeast Asia Regional Coordinator!

We’d love for you all to help us welcome another new coordinator, Tham Thi Le who will be leading our Southeast Asia region!

How You Can Support Our New Clubs in Vietnam

We are very excited about two new Play for Peace clubs that recently started in Vietnam, the Danang Club and the Quy Nhon club! After forming this past summer, both clubs are working on educational initiatives that will benefit children in their region, and need your help.

An Exciting Week of World Peace Day Celebrations

Tomorrow, September 21, is World Peace Day. In honor of this important global celebration, we are excited about the many wonderful efforts happening in the Play for Peace global community—from our clubs’ World Peace Day activities to our annual Fall 5K event. 

A Summer of Peace Building: Spreading to New Communities in Vietnam

It is thanks to the passion and dedication of our community members that Play for Peace continues to spread to new areas around the world. This is especially true of our regional coordinator, Rita Nguyen, who dedicated her summer vacation to creating laughter, compassion, and peace in new communities in Vietnam.

An Earth Week to Remember: Celebrations from Guatemala to India

This past April, Play for Peace clubs around the world celebrated Earth Week by taking part in the 2019 Play for Peace Global Games. Working with more than 700 children over the course of the week, our clubs explored what it means to be a leader when you feel connected to the earth.

2018 Recap: A Fantastic Year for Play for Peace Vietnam

Play for Peace’s club in Vietnam, A New Day Social Work Group (AND), organized a variety of fantastic activities in 2018, using the power of play to bring together many different people across divides. See what happened in our recap! 

Moon of Love Festival Brings Joy to 800 Children in the Mekong Delta

September 23 was a special day for hundreds of children who participated in the Moon of Love mid-autumn festival in Vietnam. The festival was organized by A New Day Social Work Group, together with their partner the Lumen Choir group.

New Project, New Partner, New Challenge for A New Day

Established in 2011, A New Day Social Work Group (AND) is Play for Peace’s club in Vietnam. AND has worked with a variety of communities, including children in rural areas, where many struggle with social issues. Currently the group is working on a new project to teach life skills to 100 vulnerable children.

Update on Compassion Games: Serve the Earth Week

“We are the World:, no need to compare Black or White or Yellow. We should protect our land, our big family, now and immediately.” Since the 16th of April, PFP Clubs around the world have been participating in Compassion Games International's…

Amanda Cook: A Play for Peace Biography

"I personally feel that Play for Peace should be everywhere – even though their focus is in conflict areas. When I look back at my experiences in life here in Canada, I feel that if there had been an organization like this, I wouldn’t have…

Celebrating a Successful Feast for Peace (Part 1)

“Play for Peace teaches these crucial values that help students become better stewards of the earth, better community members and better leaders." -- Play for Peace volunteer Matt Cardoni Last Thursday, April 14, more than 130 people gathered at…

Working with Compassion Games International

"Compassion is an antidote to the fear, disconnection, and social isolation of our time.”  - Compassion Games International Play for Peace just started a new event called Compassion Games: Serve the Earth Week, which began on Saturday, April 16,…

Myanmar: Day 2 in Myitkyina

Another participant said he liked the fact that all the games are flexible and easy to understand and it helped him see the value of Play for Peace. Day 2 of Play for Peace training in the capital city of Kachin state brought four new participants…

Myanmar: Day 1 in Myitkyina – Peace & Violence (Part 2)

"The activity was an opportunity for them to understand how we perceive realities differently." - Swati Bhatt As part of their Day 1 activities, the group from the Pinya Tagar Academy in Myitkyina were asked to make a word web for Peace and…

Myanmar: Day 1 in Myitkyina (Part 1)

"People felt happy, tired, excited, active, alert and free when playing the games." - Agyat Shunya The final stop for Play for Peace master trainers Swati Bhatt and Agyat Shunya in Myanmar was Myitkyina, the capital city of Kachin State. Located…

Myanmar: Final day in Shwebo (Part 2)

 “We are happy to have contributed to the mission in Shwebo for creating an inclusive and interfaith space for diverse groups of children who came from different faiths as well as children who are disadvantaged.” - Swati Bhatt After the morning…

Myanmar: Final day in Shwebo (Part 1)

“Once a group of individuals have laughed together, the bond you create is connected to the emotional experience of laughter and having a good time together.” After the successful afternoon of Play for Peace training with some local children,…

Preparing for the Feast for Peace Next Week!

We are getting ready for our annual fundraising dinner, the Feast for Peace, which will take place next Thursday, April 14 at Belvedere Banquets in Elk Grove Village, IL. Our third annual Feast for Peace will feature a Carnevale theme, which will…

Myanmar: Afternoon of Fun in Shwebo

But as in many other sessions, while many children were reluctant at first, they quickly warmed up to the activities once they got started. After a successful morning of learning some Play for Peace games and techniques, Play for Peace master…

Myanmar: A Morning of Play for Peace Training in Shwebo

It was agreed that training a group of teachers to be Play for Peace facilitators would have a longer impact in the community rather than a one-time interfaith camp. After a series of successful days of training in the Myanmar city of Yangon,…