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Play for Peace Club in Israel

Youth for Change Galilee Club

Founded as Play for Peace Club: 2017

Mentor: Sa'eed Diabat 
Regional Coordinator: Katrin Huenemoerder
Partner Organization: Youth for Change
Location: Nazareth, Gallilee

Focus: Working toward peace in the region using youth empowerment and leadership programs, and implementing values of learning, community, responsibility, and coexistence. Youth for Change Galilee employs methods of cooperative peace, mental toughness, and community building using sustainable resources and projects.

Youth for Change Galilee was started by Play for Peace trainer and mentor Sa'eed Diabat to bring more opportunity for education, community development, and social programs to Arab youth living in the Galilee region.

Comprised of young boys and girls, ages 12-25 from different cities and villages in Galilee, the group initiates projects related to conflict resolution, tolerance, and diversity amid the complex reality of the Middle East. Youth members suggest project ideas, and then a volunteer team made up of a social worker, educators, and community activists help make their ideas a reality. Completed projects include cultural exchange, higher education awareness events, volunteering, and community building activities. 

The youth see a great importance in building a bridge between youths around the world. They believe that meeting youth groups from different cultures and countries can be a huge motivation for realizing your own power to create change and impact for the benefit of society.

The idea of Youth for Change Galilee has been in the heart of Sa'eed Diabat since 2006, when he took part in the first Play for Peace certified trainers training in Israel. In 2015, Saeed formed the current volunteer team, which includes Siham Abu Hija (social worker), Salameh Zireni (educator and team leader), and Ahlam Aweid (educator and team leader). Since 2016, monthly sessions and workshops are held for local youth using Play for Peace cooperative activities and seminars.

In summer 2018, youth leaders from the Galilee club traveled to Crete to work with the Play for Peace club at the Skaramangas refugee camp. Together, they led cooperative play activities for orphaned children from Belarus who were invited to participate in a summer project by Crete for Life. This unique project had an incredible impact on all of the youth leaders and children, who understood that cooperation and peace between different cultures is possible, and that laughter is a universal language understood by everyone.

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News, Stories, and Updates

  • Jan 18, 2021

    Since 2016, the Youth for Change Club in Israel has hosted cultural exchanges as a way to connect in person with youth from other cultures. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the group had figure out a new way to engage with other youth that would bring them together while staying physically apart.

  • Jan 24, 2019

    As the founder and a mentor of the Youth for Change Galilee Club in Israel, Sa’eed Diabat is an important part of the Play for Peace community. He also has an important story to tell. 

  • Nov 9, 2018

    Earlier this year, youth leaders from our clubs in Israel and Greece joined together to lead cooperative play sessions with Belarussian orphans through the organization Crete for Life. It was life changing for the youth leaders and children alike.

Partner for Peace

Youth 4 Change works toward peace and education for all youth in the Arab society in the Galilee region, and sees a great importance in building a bridge between youths around the world. 

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