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Celebrating the Spirit of Play for Peace: 25 Years of Impact

Play for Peace 25 for 25 - Celebrating 25 years of Outstanding Community

The Children of Play for Peace, Innocence Amidst Conflict

The children of Play for Peace are beacons of hope and resilience, navigating the harsh realities of violent conflict with laughter and joy. These young lives, spanning over 20 countries, transcend their circumstances, fostering connections and sharing moments of peace and happiness. Many grow into leaders, driving positive change in their communities. Their ability to rise above adversity and embrace the magic of Play for Peace is a testament to their strength and spirit.

Vijay Kumar, A Pillar of Inspiration and Leadership

Since 2013, Vijay Kumar has been an influential Mentor and Trainer in Delhi, India. His journey with Play for Peace began with a session that turned a lost bag into an unforgettable memory of joy. Dedicated to empowering youth in Delhi's slums, Vijay has used Play for Peace to combat discrimination and promote inclusion. His work has transformed countless lives, nurturing young leaders who are now peacebuilders in society.

Neelu Grover, Champion of Transformation Through Play

Neelu Grover's journey with Play for Peace started in 2019 in Mumbai, India. From volunteer to trainer, she has witnessed the profound impact of play in fostering interfaith understanding and empathy. During the pandemic, her sessions provided much-needed solace and joy. At Cheshire Home, she saw the therapeutic benefits of play for children with disabilities, highlighting the far-reaching impact of Play for Peace in diverse communities.

The Trainers of Play for Peace, Ambassadors of Peace

Our Certified Trainers are the backbone of Play for Peace, spreading our mission of peace across the globe. This diverse group of skilled trainers and social entrepreneurs, who speak over a dozen languages, teach youth and adults to become leaders of peace. Their intelligence, creativity, and dedication are instrumental in fostering a global community committed to peace and understanding.

Honoring the Board of Directors, Guiding Lights of Play for Peace

The Past and Present Board of Directors of Play for Peace have been pivotal in guiding our organization towards its mission. Their dedication, creativity, and commitment ensure that all aspects of Play for Peace align with our core purpose. We are deeply grateful for their invaluable contributions, which have been crucial in sustaining and growing our impact over the past 25 years.