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Our Stories

Thank you Richard, for your dedication, your hard work, and your commitment to helping young people succeed.

Richard Rutschman has been part of Play for Peace since our beginning, over 25 years ago. He has a positive impact on the lives of countless young people in Chicago and around the world.

Navigating Disappointment with Compassion: Embracing Growth and Open Conversation.

How can you #praticepeace in your life? When you find yourself disappointed in someone you deeply care about, it's essential to approach the situation with understanding and compassion.

The day which shows kindness to the less privileged in society.

"Donate a Day's Wages to Charity Day" marks the day on which people are encouraged to donate their day's wages to a charitable organization or cause of their choice.

Shrill or funny, giggly or bubbly, on this day, let out your laughter and laugh to your heart’s content.

World Laughter Day is an annual event to promote laughter as a tool for health and happiness. Laughter has been shown to have many health benefits, including reducing stress, boosting the immune system, and improving mood.

It is a special day dedicated to giving back and show the Generosity!

World Give Day is a global movement that celebrates the act of giving back to society. This day is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring people all around the world to give to those in need.

Play for Peace Empowers DreamsHub: A Week of Training in Sri Lanka

The article highlights Play for Peace's week-long training program for its partner organization, DreamsHub in Sri Lanka. The program boosted morale among the DreamsHub staff and empowered them to engage with their local community further. 

Educators Are Recognized for Supporting Play for Peace

We are happy to share that we just completed our Phase 2 project with Kikori. We have been working on developing age appropriate variations for the activities that were on the Kikori platform. This phase of the project which began in July was actually a continuation of a process that began in early 2022 with uploading over 250 activities to the Kikori platform. 

Celebrating Play for Peace in the New Year

Happy New Year to all! We started our year creating a wonderful experience on January 15th where we met to celebrate ourselves and our work with PFP.

Sowing Seeds of Peace in El Salvador / Sembrando Semillas de Paz en El Salvador

At the beginning of December Regional Coordinator, Andres Armas traveled from Guatemala to El Salvador to conduct a Play for Peace session with the Suchitoto Club. A friend and writer of Andres, Veronica Rozotto joined to document her experience. Thank you Veronica for sharing this beautiful piece with us!

Meet Jessica!

Thank you for your dedication to this year's partnership with Kikori, Jessica! We can't wait to see what the future holds for you as your gifts and talents are used to better this world.

You Just Found Out Your Child Is Neurodivergent - Here’s What You Need to Know

The home is the first foundation of your child’s support system. It’s their safe space, where they can be themselves without judgment. Listen, empathize and validate their emotions and problems. They need to know it’s okay to not be like the other kids...

How Climate Change Affects Rural Communities

Rural communities are highly vulnerable to climate change. Colorado State University lists a few reasons behind this, one of which is rural residents’ lower income rates. This leaves them with fewer resources to pay for the consequences of climate change, such as flash flooding.

Healing Play in Burundi

This mini bite-sized update comes from the Healing Play club in Burundi where 150 participants and 6 youth leaders create lasting change in their local communities.

Leading a Successful Workshop at Chico State University

"One of the indicators of the magic of the day was the joy and connection that participants left with and the choice they all made to spend the evening together rather than..."

PFP Alumni - What Are They up to Now?

These are just some life stories of people who, in their youth, believed in the importance of PFP for their formation as leaders of peace. They now inspire other people to form new leadership for a better world, there are...