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Host a Practice Peace Session

The transformation begins quietly. The sound of laughter floats through the air as children, youth, or adults come together for Practice Peace Sessions involving cooperative activities and teach teamwork, inclusion, and fun. In this safe environment, participants have the opportunity to play with peers from other cultures. Even in communities in conflict, participants can form new friendships and experience “the enemy” as someone not so different from themselves.

For children, Practice Peace Session activities encourage laughter, connection, and compassion at a time when young children are forming a sense of self, an awareness of others, and basic ideas about interactions with people they perceive as different. Play becomes a powerful ingredient to building and sustaining peace. Trained Play for Peace youth lead these sessions, which include role-modeling skills and values essential for coexistence. Often, Practice Peace Sessions also include a volunteer project or community service learning born from a need found in their community.

Host a Practice Peace Session in the following ways:

  1. Support a local Play for Peace Club in leading a Practice Peace Session (20 minutes to a half day) in your community.

  2. Hire a Play for Peace Certified Trainer to lead a Practice Peace Session (20 minutes to a half day) in your community  

  3. Download our free Practice Peace Session Introduction Guide to create your own Practice Peace Session Experience (coming soon!)

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