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An Impactful (And Fun!) First Playshop Connect

Back in October we announced Playshop Connect, a corporate team building program that supports our clubs and youth leaders worldwide. In 90 minutes, attendees are introduced to an inspirational world of leadership without boundaries of age, borders, or resources—while creating connection with teammates through meaningful group challenges, storytelling, and more. This past month we were excited to put the program to work—and with much success!

On Monday, January 20, we hosted our first-ever Playshop Connect with a group from Avalon Risk Management, a company located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, about 20 miles outside of Chicago. The afternoon was facilitated by Play for Peace board member John Guarrine, and 58 people were in attendance to learn about Play for Peace and partake in a series of group challenges and activities. This included creating leadership mini kits needed during practice peace sessions, which go directly to youth leaders in our clubs around the world. 

“I think it's a great workshop for companies to gain awareness about Play for Peace,” said one participant. “It's a great organization that a lot of people are missing out on. I really like that they send the gifts we made during the workshop to the organization’s youth leaders across the world.”

Watching video relaying the experiences of Play for Peace club members was another highlight for attendees. Said one person, “I liked seeing the stories of members around the world. It's nice to see how this is an outlet for them, and that it is truly trying to teach the next generation to be kind to one another and embrace their differences instead of letting them divide us.”

Other participants enjoyed the opportunity to connect with team members—in some cases people they had never spoken to before—in a way that incorporated interaction and movement. “It was interactive in a non-stressful, fun way,” one person said. “Many times these seminars involve role playing, which is very intimidating for people.” Another commented that the team building games helped them learn from and work with each other, all while having fun.

According to a survey of Avalon participants, 80% would recommend the program to other companies. And thanks to those who answered our survey, we can incorporate their feedback into our next Playshop and improve the experience even further. We are truly grateful that Avalon Risk Management gave us the opportunity to work with its employees. We are excited to bring Play for Peace Playshops to more organizations, so we can share how creativity, hope, and the right tools can transform lives.