#OurStories: Sahil Balmiki

The Jagran Club in India recently received Play for Peace certified trainers Swati and Agyat, who closely worked with Sahil Balmiki and taught him how to conduct play sessions and how to interact with younger children through these activities.

Sahil first felt the urge to help others when he was in a church. “I felt that this is the right thing to do,” he said. Today he continues to follow his inner voice. He believes that gender equality is one of the biggest issues in raising and educating children and its impact has prohibited some of the Jagran Club’s volunteers to continue to help with the club due to the early arranged marriages. But Sahil says that he doesn’t lose hope, and that he always has Mother Teresa, his role model, on his mind.

See what Agyat had to say about working with Sahil: