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Time for Phase 2!

We did it! We uploaded 250 foundational and PFP activities to Kikori and shared them with thousands of people already on the platform. They will be always available and free to tens of thousands more teachers and facilitators that will join in the coming years.

On June 30th we held a celebration and invited volunteers (and gave them diplomas). Here are some  testimonials from Play for Peace celebration...

Bryn, co-founder of Kikori: “A few hours ago, we had a meeting with the third most diverse school district in the United States. What really resonated with them was our work with Play for Peace. They are confident with us because we are not a company that says we are about diversity - it is a bi-product of what we do because we are trying to democratize access.  

While we are making an impact around this world, we are also making an impact in the U.S. with very diverse populations here. That is the meta-beauty of what we’re doing. The perspectives that we get impact us here, for all kids whether they are refugees, first-generation youth, or needing to be seen in different ways.”

Here’s what our Global Operations Manager, Yasmin, had to say about it:

“It’s been really wonderful to connect with volunteers on this sort of next level. It’s been a beautiful piece to come from an activity from the beginning, see the activity on the application, and then be able to connect it to a Practice Peace session - this is real life - this is the impact of this activity. This has been really cool to see as someone facilitating, as a volunteer myself and to be able to see all parts of it and be able to celebrate throughout the project has been really wonderful.”

Others were blown away by what they learned and many were extremely grateful to be apart of the project.

So, what’s next? We got funding for Phase 2!

This phase of the project will be six months long, beginning in July 2022 and completing in December 2022. The ultimate goal is to convert the two decades of learning and experience that Play for Peace has gained on the ground into five U.S.-focused, age-appropriate, asynchronous training & curriculum programs. These tools will allow us to scale nationally and provide tools that support vulnerable children, youth, and adults in the U.S. in coping with the divisive, stressful, and volatile times we are facing. 

Five Training & Curriculum Programs

The following programs will consist of 40 hours of deliverable curriculum (scheduled over nine months) as well as facilitation training and activity instructional videos, a step-by-step flow guide, and accessibility adaptations:

  • Play for Peace High School Training & Curriculum
  • Play for Peace for Middle Schools Training & Curriculum
  • Play for Peace for Elementary Schools Training & Curriculum

The following programs will consist of 10 hours of professional development and certification:

  • Play for Peace on Campus Certification
  • Play for Peace Certification for Nonprofits  

Sounds like something you’d be a great fit for? Join the content crew!

This project is powered by a growing group of volunteers that works independently - and sometimes as a group, at our voluntary virtual co-working parties - to load and publish activities onto Kikori. It's a great opportunity to make a meaningful difference, virtually and on your own schedule. It's also a great way to grow your network and meet fellow Content Crew volunteers from around the world.

Useful experience and skill sets for this project include (but aren't limited to):

  • Teaching
  • Group or activity facilitation
  • Content management/CMS
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Photography 
  • Video and video editing

Sounds great! Where do I start?

To fill out the content crew volunteer interest form, click here.

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