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Play for Peace Senegal hosted a table at the Africa Games Festival!

Back in December Play for Peace Senegal hosted a table at their very first Africa Games Festival! This annual cultural event aims to shed light on games from all over the world. The festival went through time in 54 African countries and other countries in Asia and Europe, providing a chance to celebrate varying traditions, cultures, and pieces of history, all in the spirit of play!

Youth facilitators and members of the Play for Peace club traveled to the capital Dakar together to share the power of Play for Peace at this festival. People who stopped by the Play for Peace Senegal tent got a taste of games played all over the world, all while experiencing cooperative play how we can use play to build bridges across divides. The club facilitated large group play sessions filled with laughter with hundreds of participants.

In Senegal, the Play for Peace Senegal club gathers all of the children after school so that have access to a safe after school program. The club creates an environment where young people are motivated and encouraged to achieve their full potential. In that, creating proactive and passionate leaders who are more focused about empowering others and building peace, finding ways to transcend differences in language, culture, and religion in order to bring together children to play and learn compassion for one another.

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