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Community Spotlight: Trainer and Researcher Dian

I love Play for Peace because this program is innovative in peace education. Because of the unique and fun nature of play, I always felt welcome and included from the beginning of my involvement.

Meet newly Certified Trainer Dian Mitrayani! She first reached out to Play for Peace while she was a Master's student at Northern Illinois State University in 2010. Not only did she write her thesis on Play for Peace, but she also volunteered with Mark Paye's Play for Peace Club at Roberto Clemente Community Academy in Chicago for two years. Now getting her Ph.D. in Wisconsin, Dian has come back to Play for Peace to help us with our research efforts and to make Play for Peace a permanent part of life for children in Surabaya, Indonesia. Dian returns to Indonesia, her home country, every year and she works with the children there. In 2012 she led Play for Peace activities and sent us these photos and stories.

Attached are the pictures for peace day flag. These are what peace looks like for them. Blue sky, nice home, time to play. Something that considers as luxury in their life. They live mostly in a room, not even a house with parents and siblings. One picture is a lake with boat, which is a vacation picture. Another luxury for these children. "Persahabatan" in one of the picture means friendship. Friends are very important for them. They gather everyday, mostly, to study, play,and play music. I also attached the picture of the children. This was taken last Sunday during environmental day, where we picked up trash on the street. I also played moonball on the same day with them.

Dian is traveling again to Indonesia tomorrow but this time as a Play for Peace Certified Trainer, excited to train others in her home country in the joy of play. Watch for updates on her efforts soon!  

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