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The Power of Collaboration: Insights from Episode 14 of 'It's In The Experience' Podcast

A Journey into Experiential Education

In the latest episode of the "It's In The Experience" podcast, host Sherry Bagley, Executive Director Association for Experiential Education, delves into the profound impacts of collaboration in experiential education with two Play for Peace guests: Sarah Gough and Marilyn Levin. This episode is a treasure trove of insights and inspiration for anyone passionate about the power of experiential learning and community building.

Meet the Guests

Marilyn Levin, Development Director at Play for Peace, brings a wealth of experience as a social entrepreneur and activist. Her extensive background includes roles as a professional speaker and trainer. Her work focuses on creating positive change worldwide. With her background in healing guidance, Marilyn advocates for abundance and sustainability. She highlights the power of collaboration in driving progress.

Sarah Gough, Executive Director at Play for Peace, is a testament to the power of dedication, and compassion, a nonprofit leader and mentor. With a background in Social Work from the University of Michigan, specializing in Interpersonal Relationships, Sarah's journey embodies a commitment to fostering young leaders and nurturing community unity globally. Through Play for Peace, she has united people from different backgrounds to play and learn, emphasizing the importance of play in creating harmony.

Highlights from the Episode

One of the key highlights of the episode is the discussion on the symbiotic relationship between the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) and Play for Peace. As Sarah and Marilyn reflect on their careers in experiential education, they underscore the importance of forging meaningful partnerships and collaborations. The alliance between AEE and Play for Peace is a testament to the collective effort to advance the industry and promote experiential learning as a catalyst for social change.

Advice for Aspiring Experiential Educators

The episode is filled with practical advice and wisdom for those looking to enter experiential education. Marilyn and Sarah stress the importance of resilience, continuous learning, and the willingness to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. They encourage aspiring educators to seek out collaborative opportunities, build strong networks, and remain open to learning from others.

Listeners gain insight into the transformative potential of experiential education. Sarah and Marilyn inspire us to embrace collaboration for a better world. Their vision of unity and compassion encourages us to work together toward a brighter future.

Listen to the full episode to hear more from Sarah Gough and Marilyn Levin. Let's join hands in creating a world where collaboration leads to positive change and inclusivity reigns.