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Final Play for Peace Training Day in Jaipur

For some youths, the four-day training session may have been a healing experience. For others, it was a transformative experience.

After three busy days of discussions around peace, gender, and patriarchy in the Indian city of Jaipur, the Play for Peace team started the final day with a practice peace session to bring them back into their comfort zone and offer them some new games. The games were an opportunity to discuss the challenges that lay ahead for them as youth facilitators as well as how much they need to read and practice the Play for Peace material being offered to them.

According to PFP trainer Agyat Shunya, there is no doubt that everyone attending the training will benefit from the new things that they have learned. He also emphasized to the trainees the need to practice “critical thinking” and ask questions, especially about established practices that are used to maintain stereotypes, so they can improve their skills and become even stronger leaders in their community. For some youths, the four-day training session may have been a healing experience while for others it may have been a transformative experience. Some are having difficulty imagining how to fit their new self with realities that wait for them when they get back to their normal day-to-day lives.

“It was four intense days that challenged everyone, especially the participants who have more experience than others,” said PFP trainer Swati Bhatt. “We are also very happy to hear that some of the youths have formed an organization called Udan. Rizwan, Anjali, Salmaand, and others who are part of the new group are very capable and committed.” With the completion of this training, watch for more updates from Jaipur!