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From Youth Leader to Adult Mentor and Trainer: Chaun in Chicago

Kindness goes a long way in violent situations. That was a major lesson I learned as a facilitator.

Chaun, is pictured above with his mom and one of the youth he mentored, Bianca, and her husband at our annual Feast for Peace. These are his reflections on Play for Peace;
Being a youth facilitator showed me how much an impact a small gesture of kindness and concern can have. Playing games with children brings about connection between people. When we, as youth leaders, began to show interest in the kids, they to started to look up to us. The kids would invite us home to eat with their families. These connections we made even prevented racial and gang violence in Chicago. Kids from the neighborhoods would stop their older siblings from giving facilitators grief from being on the block. Kindness goes a long way in violent situations. That was a major lesson I learned as a facilitator. Craig, Play for Peace co-founder, helped me in my self realization by creating an avenue for me to channel my inner hopes and desires to the world.  I've always had that desire as a child and Play for Peace opened the world to me.  Many non violent communication techniques have helped me learn new ways to deal with situations that can be volatile. I have also been meeting new people and getting the opportunity to learn from them and their experiences and life. I could go on, but this blog would become too long!
Now a Play for Peace trainer, personal fitness trainer and world traveler Chaun is still mentoring youth and helping them learn lessons that impacted him so long ago. Chaun's mentors, Robert and Richard started him on the path of being a youth facilitator and have been his mentors in Chicago from the beginning.