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How New Social Workers Play for Peace in Guatemala

Since 2006, Play for Peace established an alliance with San Carlos University’s Social Work School (USAC by its Spanish initials) and thus impacted the lives of around a thousand then-students who are now professional social workers. Every year, nearly 100 social work students begin their practical training periods. They're sent to different regions in Guatemala to develop and participate in education, health, gender, sport, violence prevention, values, and social and community development programs. But before they go, they get to know and experience Play for Peace. Using carefully designed workshops, Play for Peace helps social workers of the future develop leadership and facilitation abilities while introducing them to our peace, inclusion, tolerance, and fun methodologies.

USAC social work students

During their practical experience, the students must organize and execute their workshops once a month. Sessions involve children, youth, adults, and seniors and reach an average of 25 people per session. While it may not sound like a big number and only reaches one community at a time, the big picture tells the most compelling story: At the end of each year, Play for Peace will have touched the lives of 2,500 people and gained 100 trained and skilled social workers who will continue spreading the philosophy to many more.