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Celebrating 25 Years of Play for Peace: Honoring Our Outstanding Volunteers and Partners

Play for Peace 25 for 25 - Celebrating 25 years of Outstanding Community

As Play for Peace (PFP) marks its 25th anniversary, we celebrate the extraordinary contributions of our volunteers, trainers, facilitators, and partners. Their dedication has been pivotal in spreading our mission of fostering inclusion and building peaceful communities through cooperative play. Here are some of their inspiring stories.

Nikhil Mehta, Inspiring Change in Mumbai

Since joining Play for Peace in 2014, Nikhil Mehta has profoundly impacted his community in Mumbai, India. He reflects: "Some unforgettable PFP moments come when participants share how PFP has positively impacted their lives and those they facilitate. One heartwarming instance was a session with people with disabilities, where a blind participant's mother expressed gratitude for being able to join in the play herself. These experiences reaffirm PFP's commitment to inclusion."

Obed Nijimbere, Leading Peace in Burundi

Obed Nijimbere has been instrumental in expanding Play for Peace in Burundi. He shares: "Key moments in my PFP journey include impactful training, establishing additional clubs, and coaching vulnerable street youth. PFP has provided tools for healing stress and trauma, promoting leadership, and handling conflicts. This work has been transformative for youth in Burundi."

Kendra Bostick and Kikori, Empowering Through Technology

Kendra Bostick, co-founder of Kikori, has partnered with PFP to deliver activities worldwide. She recounts: "My most unforgettable PFP experience was in San Jose, Costa Rica, working with youth and PFP volunteers. Kikori has brought PFP’s cooperative learning activities to educators and students in over 94 countries, fostering care and kindness globally."

The Youth Facilitators, Nurturing Global Peace Leaders

Youth facilitators are central to PFP's mission, leading play sessions that promote cooperation, inclusion, and peace in their communities. They establish PFP clubs, enhance community well-being, and develop leadership skills, contributing significantly to positive relationships across cultural divides.

El Hadj Moumar Iba Béye, Building Trust in Senegal

El Hadj Moumar Iba Béye, a PFP leader in Senegal, shares: "PFP provides interventions for street children, creating harmony and trust. It’s rewarding to see former participants becoming role models in their communities, embodying PFP principles."

Andres Armas, Spreading Peace in Latin America

Since 1998, Andres Armas has been a dedicated leader in Guatemala. He reflects: "Starting as a mentor in Guatemala, I’ve helped expand PFP across Latin America. PFP connects people strongly, creating a family of good people who inspire each other to promote peace."

Celebrating 25 Years of Play for Peace

As we celebrate 25 years of Play for Peace, we honor these incredible individuals and many others who have dedicated their time, passion, and energy to our mission. Their stories of resilience, compassion, and leadership inspire us all to continue working towards a more peaceful world.

Join us in celebrating these outstanding volunteers and partners who make Play for Peace possible. Together, we can continue to build a world where everyone experiences the joy of play, inclusion, and peace.

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