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Parade for Peace: A New Compassion Games Story

"I am committed to change and the satisfaction of giving my effort, time, and resources for a better society." - Play for Peace Club Jugar leader in Guatemala

As you may already know, Play For Peace clubs worldwide are engaged in this April’s Serve the Earth Week, an event hosted by Compassion Games. We’re thrilled that so many clubs got involved, and today we’d like to highlight another one of our exciting stories from Earth Week: a parade held by Club Jugar, one of our clubs in Guatemala. This club developed a parade in which participants had the opportunity to invite others to care for the forest. During the parade, they shouted slogans like “Take care of our water, because it is life,” and carried posters made of reusable materials with invitations to care for the environment.

A great multicultural artistic festival was also carried out, where youngsters shared their many talents: break dance, hip hop, BMX, skating, instrumental music, reggaeton, and dancing. The parade also saw the valuable participation of delegates from the Municipal Government and various youth organizations. As the group's leader said of the event: "I acquired new knowledge, and seeds to foster more of these actions for the environment, and for peace and harmony between people, neighbors, and friends of the community. Everything can be summed up in the success, impact, and achievements of such an important activity. I am committed to change and the satisfaction of giving my effort, time, and resources for a better society."

This event involved 250 volunteers spanned 15 hours, and reached more than 3,000 community members. It was one of Play for Peace's largest Compassion Games contributions. With this in mind, we invite you to enjoy the following images of the parade and adjoining festival.

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