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Empower Your Students with Peace: 10 Activities for Stronger Communities

Peace Event Benefits

  1. Community Building: Play for Peace events unite people, fostering community and unity. This can help ridge gaps between diverse groups and create a more inclusive environment.
  2. Stress Relief: Play is a great stress reliever. By engaging in playful activities, participants can reduce stress and promote mental well-being, positively impacting individual and community levels.
  3. Cultural Understanding: Play for Peace often involves people from different cultural backgrounds. This interaction promotes understanding, tolerance, and appreciation for diversity, contributing to a more culturally competent and accepting society.
  4. Global Connectivity: Play for Peace is often a global movement. Participating in such events can create a sense of global connectivity, reminding people that pursuing peace is a shared goal that transcends borders.
  5. Inspiration for Change: By experiencing the positive impact of Play for Peace events, participants may be inspired to become advocates for peace in their communities. This ripple effect can contribute to a broader cultural shift towards prioritizing peace and cooperation.

How These Peace Activities Impact Students:


Encourage students to dedicate some time to reflect on their values and beliefs regarding peace. This process will enable them to recognize areas where they can integrate more peaceful practices, fostering personal growth and well-being.

Education and Awareness:

Empower students to stay informed about global and local peace initiatives, broadening their understanding of the world and promoting a sense of responsibility. Learning conflict resolution strategies and nonviolent communication equips them with essential life skills.

Mindfulness Practices:

Incorporate mindfulness into students' daily routines through meditation and deep breathing exercises. This practice enhances their emotional intelligence, concentration, and overall mental well-being, benefiting their academic performance and personal development.

Practice Empathy:

Teach students to put themselves in others' shoes to better understand different perspectives. Encouraging active listening and prioritizing understanding before being understood fosters a compassionate and inclusive community within the school, creating a positive learning environment.

Activities Play for Peace provided during the Practice Peace Event

  1. Practice Peace Event Educator Introduction
  2. What is Play for Peace?
  3. Community Ritual
  4. Pairs Celebration
  5. Music in Us All
  6. Group Poem
  7. Movement of Peace
  8. My Life Tree
  9. Appreciation Mingle
  10. Pleased and Proud Appreciation
  11. Everyone’s It Tag
  12. Practice Peace Event Educator Closure Instructions

Step into a world of harmony and connection! Join us for the Practice Peace Event, where we'll explore the transformative power of Play for Peace. Let's come together, celebrate unity, and embark on a journey of peace. See you there!


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Discover innovative activities like Community Rituals, Pairs Celebrations, and the Rhythmic Music in Us All. Unleash the creativity with Group Poems and explore the symbolic My Life Tree. Engage in the Appreciation Mingle and amplify positive energy with Pleased and Proud Appreciations. Finally, experience the joy of connection with the Everyone’s It Tag.

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