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Photographs from the Climate Action Picnic at UCI

"Laughter is a non-judgmental practice: it plants a seed of connection between two unknowns. When we played with people at the picnic, we proved this."

If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with our blogs, you know that Play for Peace was thrilled to attend the Global Compassion Summit, where the 80th Birthday of the Dalai Lama was recently celebrated. At the summit, which took place from July 5th - 7th of this year, we were pleased to participate in a variety of events, including the Climate Action Picnic. The food lines were long so we brought Play for Peace (moon ball!) to the food lines. We talked about the Play for Peace mission with over 500 attendees and we gave a workshop which included UCI students and Irvine community members. We were thrilled to have youth from our HOLA Play for Peace Club help support the event and kids from Verano Place Housing summer camp come down to the event specifically to experience Play for Peace! We invite you to enjoy some of  the photographs taken that day. [gallery ids="3080,3078,3079,3076,3081,3077"]  
"The moment youth choose the path of peace, they make it happen."
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