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Tag : Philippines

The Spirit of Play for Peace Cebu During COVID-19: Disrupted Not Dampened

Located in the Philippines, Play for Peace Cebu was founded in 2013 with five original members—including Mitzi Figueroa. As a Play for Peace facilitator, today she is committed to helping youth in her community and continuing the mission the club was founded on more than seven years ago—in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Awakening Dreams in Cebu Through the Power of Play

What if conflict arises, not from the war around you, but from the war within? A recent practice peace session in Cebu, Philippines educated local teens about mental health, providing inspiration for them to pursue their dreams, and identifying the factors that will make or break their goals.  

Play for Peace Philippines Trains Youth on Responsible Voting

Trainer Richard Delos Reyes and his team of youth leaders in Cebu work to instill leadership in local youth and teach responsible voting. Recently their club conducted a forum where young voters could listen to different platforms and promote an honest and orderly election.

Change a Campus, Change a Nation: Play Sessions at Cebu Technological University

“The Filipino youth is the hope of the fatherland." - Jose Rizal The last quarter of 2016 highlighted two major activities of PFP Cebu, Philippines, to cap the year-long commitment to promote leadership through PFP-inspired trainings. …

Connecting Play for Peace Members across the Globe

In 2013, Play for Peace brought together youth leaders via video conference to share knowledge, ideas, and to inspire each other. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, so in 2014, we organized the exchanges on a regular basis.

3 Ways Play Can Make You The Best Version Of Yourself

Play for Peace member Richard Delos Reyes shares how play has allowed him to become a more confident, compassionate version of himself, and how you can unlock that potential as well.

Involve me and I learn: A "Peace is Possible" Story

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin This quote has been the inspiration for Joe, a young Play for Peace Mentor, and his vibrant Play for Peace Club in the mountain district of Argao,…