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A New Day Social Work Group Hosts The Earth Needs Green

On Sunday, November 27, 2016, A New Day Social Work Group held an event at the Trúc Lâm B?o S?n monastery in the rural district of Tân Thành, Vietnam. This marked the eighth event in a series of twelve programs geared toward children who live in the hillside region of the Tóc Tiên commune in Tân Thành. The theme of this event was ‘The Earth Needs Green,’ and its objective was to promote environmental action amongst children. There was quite a successful turnout with more than 50 participants ranging from 4 to 14 years old. The children were divided into three groups according to age and participated in activities that encouraged them to cooperate and engage with their environment. The youngest cohort learned about the types of animals found in various ecosystems. 

Through stories, games, art, and craftwork, they were reminded to appreciate the natural world that surrounds them. The intermediate age group learned about the various environmental processes that we depend on and protective measures that we can take to defend them, while the oldest group focused on environmental degradation. They discussed the causes, effects, and potential solutions for pollution, as well as proper means of garbage disposal. This included composting, recycling, and inorganic waste management. In addition to gaining knowledge about environmental interventions and garden cultivation, the children also received hands-on experience. They designed their colorful pots, planted seeds, and, using their newfound skills, will continue to nurture their budding seedlings at home.

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