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Play For Peace Warsaw: Building Bonds and Making a Difference

The young participants quickly discovered that they were a team of wonderful, bright, and open-minded individuals, all committed to promoting peace and understanding in their communities. Together, they delved into the history of Play For Peace and explored the origins of their own club. A video presentation prepared by PFP provided valuable insights and inspiration for their journey ahead.

But it wasn't all about theory and history. The group engaged in inclusion-building activities to foster a sense of togetherness. They discussed and established club rules, ensuring everyone's input was valued. The meeting concluded with an exercise on active listening in pairs, highlighting the importance of understanding and empathy in their mission.

As the meeting came to an end, the participants shared their thoughts and feelings about the experience. The consensus was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing that the meeting had been not only educational but also a source of relaxation, allowing them to temporarily forget about the chaos of the outside world. The group left the meeting motivated and moved, eagerly looking forward to their next gathering, especially the one scheduled for the following week with Richard.

Just a week later, the club reconvened for their second meeting, and this time, they were joined by a special guest, Richard Rutschman. With Richard's guidance, they delved deeper into the world of Play For Peace and learned a wealth of new information. Richard's visit also led to an exciting development – the group decided on the path to earning their very own Play For Peace pins. This new goal has ignited a spark of motivation in all the participants, encouraging them to work hard to achieve it.

Although there were fewer participants this time, the group welcomed a new member from Chechnya, expanding their reach and diversity. Additionally, the participants reached agreements regarding sharing photos, respecting the wishes of those who preferred not to be photographed.

The growth and enthusiasm of the Play For Peace Warsaw club are truly inspiring. These young people are dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities, fostering understanding, and building lasting bonds. Their journey has just begun, and the future holds promise for this dynamic and motivated group. Stay tuned for more updates on their exciting endeavors!

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  • Sep 7, 2023, 12:00 AM

    Klub Inteligencji Katolickiej is a key Play for Peace partner organization. According to KIK - " KIK was founded in 1956 and is one of the oldest associations in Poland. From the beginning of its existence, KIK was an organization gathering Christians who wanted to change the world around them for the better.