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Wrapping Up Our Global World Peace Day Celebrations

“Peace comes when we forget our differences and embrace love and harmony; this counts on you and me.” (PFP, South Sudan Staff)

On November 1, the final Play for Peace World Peace Day Celebration was held in Hyderabad, India, bringing the total number of participants in our global WPDCs to 1500 people in six countries: Guatemala, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Sudan, and the United States. We are so proud that so many of our Play for Peace Clubs brought children, youth, and organizations together in honor of the United Nations' International Day of Peace. The celebrations were filled with tremendous joy, engaging play, and serious reflection as well. Multiple celebrations were held in Guatemala, India, and the Philippines. South Sudan’s WPDC took place at a primary school, where 800+ students participated in Play for Peace games. Participants walked for peace in the Lullabhai Compound in Mumbai, India; Youhanabad, Lahore, Pakistan; and Bartlett, Ilinois, USA.

The Play for Peace Club in New Delhi, India, visited a women's shelter and a youth center. Children around the world created artwork depicting symbols of peace. Play for Peace's co-founders lit a special peace fire that embodied the past, present, and future of the organization. We shared stories and photos from our World Peace Day Celebrations not only with our community but also with a global organization called Peace One Day. Peace One Day organizes celebrations of the United Nations’ International Day of Peace around the world. Their founder, Jeremy Gilley, persuaded the United Nations to declare September 21st as World Peace Day. We belong to Peace One Day’s NGO Coalition, along with nonprofit organizations around the world. Peace One Day invited us to share links to blog posts about every global WPDC celebrated by our Play for Peace Clubs. We shared photos and stories, and let them know about all of the Partners for Peace who helped sponsor the celebrations. We will let you know if we find that any of our global Play for Peace Clubs are featured on the Peace One Day website or in publications. We look forward to celebrating World Peace Day again next year with our Play for Peace Clubs around the world!

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