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  • Archana Magar

  • Last login:
  • Nov 4, 2020, 10:01 PM

Profile Information

Asia Regional and Community Coordinator


Mumbai India


English, Hindi, Marathi



I have been associated and began my journey with Play for Peace in 2008 as a volunteer and continue to contribute through my passion in the global community. I am an educator and community leader with more than ten years of nonprofit experience, mostly worked with low-income and marginalised communities in both rural and urban India to promote and support inclusive education, non-violent communication and sustainable education programs. I am a creator and led programs for women in harsh settings such as prisons and government homes for rescued sex workers. I use multi skills like art-based and Narrative therapies as playful based approach to facilitate group discussions and learning for both adults and children -- methods I learned through extensive trainings with the international organisations.