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  • Aditya Vaishampayan

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  • Mar 16, 2020, 5:06 PM

Profile Information

Certified Trainer


Oulu, Finland


English, Marathi, Hindi, Pahadi, French



Coming from Pune, India, Aditya has been a school-teacher for more than a decade. Even though he is trained in Montessori philosophy, he based his entire classroom philosophy on the value-pillars of Play for Peace and Experiential Education, all those years. During school vacations, he has worked as a Play for Peace facilitator in various parts of India, working with youth and adults. He has practiced Play for Peace with students, teachers and even individuals from corporate backgrounds. His playfulness and his belief in the power of laughter has allowed him to take Play for Peace work to diverse contexts. Currently, he serves children and contributes to the peace of this world, by being a Parent-Mentor, Organisational Coach and a Life Coach. Aditya moved to Finland in 2023 from India and he continues to do Play Sessions with the Play for Peace methodology wherever he gets an opportunity. The laughter and the deep joy he sees, especially in adults, constantly fuels his motivation to continue doing this work for a long time to come.