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  • Craig Dobkin

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  • Oct 20, 2014, 12:39 PM

Profile Information

Co-founder and Master Trainer


Denver, CO, USA


English, Spanish



“Play for Peace brings great joy to many children, youth, adults and organizations. What can you do to make the world more wonderful and purposeful?” I have an abundance of luck to have found experiential education which has allowed me to be a lifetime learner. In 1973 I attended a teachers with Colorado Outward Bound School From here I was an instructor with COBS and Dartmouth OBS. I taught adventure education for 13 yrs at Towson State College. In 1979 I interviewed Mr Michael Gass, gave him his first position and believe his hire was the best thing I have accomplished in the EE field. I took students to Mexican Volcanoes, Ecuador, Mt Rainer, Denali and the Himalayas. I co founded West Pine Training Center, YouthBiz, Project Voyce and Play for Peace. I AM THE Father of Towson State Rugby, and we went on two tours playing in 6 countries and we learned a deep sense of humility. I was on tour with the USA select side and the first team to go to the USSR IN 1978. Taught 10 years at Colorado, Boulder in a Leadership class for the 21st Century. EE has been very good to me! Craig Dobkin, MS, has his world awakened when he participated in his first Outward Bound experience in Marble, Colorado, in 1973. His earlier education at West Chester State College and the University of Pittsburgh. He was given another life changing opportunity when he was hired by Towson State College to immerse himself and his students into the simple process of learning by doing. The challenge was to make education relevant through adventure and reflection which transfers to personal and professional growth. He has served on the Board of Directors of Association of Experiential Education, given the Kurt Hahn Address and received the Michael Stratton Award. Craig has authored three books, The Book of Metaphors, Cooking with Play for Peace and Peacecircles and co-founded YouthBiz and Play for Peace. Craig lives in Denver and makes his different abilities, opportunities.