Become a Play for Peace Trainer

Our skilled team of Certified Trainers works around the globe to teach Play for Peace to others. Located in more than 15 countries, they are diverse in nationality, gender, race, ability, religion, and age, and collectively speak over a dozen languages. Beyond their work with our clubs, trainers have access to Play for Peace educational materials, workshops, and newsletters, as well as networking and scholarship opportunities.

To become a Certified Trainer, you must apply for our Certified Trainer course, which is offered once a year, both online and in person. Space is limited. Fill out this form to qualify to participate in the application process.

Play for Peace Trainer Certification is a membership to a global community of experiential education trainers who use their skills to promote peace, social justice, and youth leadership. It is also a document stating that Play for Peace has evaluated your skills and knowledge as appropriate to train and introduce others to the Play for Peace model, methodology, and community. Our trainers are qualified to train a new group of youth to become an active Play for Peace Club.

The Play for Peace Global Team is pleased to offer an eight-week online course for professional trainers, experienced facilitators, group leaders and teachers to join our Certified Trainer team. Through a series of assignments, lectures and online meetings, participants will learn the history of our organization, Play for Peace theoretical underpinnings and training curriculum.

Course Goal & Objectives 

Goal: Increase the number of professional trainers who promote and implement Play for Peace training workshops in their region and around the world.

Specific Objectives:

  • To share the culture and community of Play for Peace.

  • To learn from and exchange experiences between skilled trainers.

  • To explore the Play for Peace curriculum and educational materials.

  • To determine suitability for Play for Peace Certification.

Format: This course utilizes several modalities, including an Udemy learning platform for self-directed learning and Zoom for video conferencing classes. We also use Doodle, and online forms to collect information and assignments. You must have internet access to join this course. The course is available in English only at this time. The final project will require candidates to record video of a session they have led.

Benefits of Certification

  • Access to a global community of trainers for networking, friendship, support, and professional collaboration.

  • Professional advancement opportunities.

  • A trainer profile on the Play for Peace website.

  • The opportunity to give Play for Peace workshops on behalf of yourself/your organization as a way to earn a living.