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How You Can Support Our New Clubs in Vietnam

We are very excited about two new Play for Peace clubs that recently started in Vietnam! Both the Danang Club and the Quy Nhon club were initiated over the summer after a training by our Vietnam trainers sparked joy, compassion, and a sense of connection in the communities.

The Danang club was created to combat the challenges people face in the community of Danang, Vietnam: little opportunity for children to grow and gain life skills or create positive connections with others, few social activities for elders, and a lack of awareness about environmental issues. Seeing the need for Play for Peace's methods and activities, in June 2019, our Vietnam training team conducted a training program for local youth who love volunteering. After two days of training, the group was inspired by the meaningful values communicated through the activities and wanted to spread them to more and more people. Soon after, Play for Peace Danang's leadership team and club was established. The club is excited to continue training and spreading positivity in Danang, with a mission to support the community, spread positivity, and create connections between people.

The Quy Nhon club is based in Quy Nhon City, Vietnam, an area that does not have many effective education programs or places for children to play and develop their social skills. For this reason, our trainers conducted a two-day training in the area in July 2019, to see how the community would respond. The training was a success, and the group found that they were all very passionate about working with the community and educating children. Soon after, the club was created. The group is both honored and excited to be a part of Play for Peace's network in Vietnam and hopes that the new club will create positivity and connection through educational games and become a place for people to exchange ideas and learn from one another.

Now that the Danang Club and the Quy Nhon Club have been created, they need your help! Over the next few months, both are planning to initiate educational projects that will benefit children in their regions. Please consider making a donation in support of their efforts so that they can continue our work to create compassion and connection in their communities.

Click here to donate to our clubs in Vietnam!