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Update on Compassion Games: Serve the Earth Week

“We are the World:, no need to compare Black or White or Yellow. We should protect our land, our big family, now and immediately.”

Since the 16th of April, PFP Clubs around the world have been participating in Compassion Games International's “Save the Earth Week.” We are incredibly proud to report that of the 68 participating groups throughout the world,  33 of those teams are Play For Peace Clubs and groups hoping to engage in some activities and discussion around the environment. As Amanda Cook, Compassion Games coordinator, said, “When we participate, we participate well.” Of the PFP teams, these events represent a diverse group of countries, including India, Canada, the United States, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Guatemala. Some participants have undertaken missions to spend time in nature, while others are having active discussions about how their communities can come together to reduce waste and slow climate change.

In every case, the goal was to increase our connection with the environment and to become more aware of what it means to us, as individuals and communities.

Whatever the PFP group, reactions have been poignant: “We are the World, no need to compare Black or White or Yellow. We should protect our land, our big family, now and immediately.” "Each youth who had no connection with nature in their daily lives started experiencing connection and the need for this connection. They were inspired to contribute something in their limited capacity and in their surroundings. Each one became aware of the hazards of using plastic. They can make a difference."
 “We cleaned the nearby garden and removed plastic from there; in the evening, we took a workshop on the solar system and the environment...[learning] the importance of “3R[s]”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle."

About her own experience as a coordinator, Amanda says this: “It’s a great learning experience. I’m studying for finals and in the middle of a move, so it’s a bit of a juggling act. Given my schedule, the games have been so rewarding: it’s been my energy source for the weeks, it keeps me going on my study breaks.” In a nutshell, the Compassion Games have provided a platform for knowledge and inspiration. Look out for us next week for more stories of how these “Competitions" went!   CG1