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#OurStories: Blogger Laura Vasquez

“Change is good and we must not be afraid of it!” —Laura Vasquez

Born and raised in Mexico City, Laura has worked as a Play for Peace volunteer for almost two years. In addition to covering Latin America, Laura also helps with communications for the Compassion Games, the Feast for Peace, and the Play for Peace 5K. Through her work, she sees that the Play for Peace philosophy impacts every person involved, opening up new realities based on open-minded experiences rather than long-held biases.

With a master's degree in international cultural exchanges and cooperation, Laura understands that change is good on both an academic and practical level. She feels that opportunities expand exponentially when we expose ourselves to new things and that the possibilities for positive human interaction are endless. Laura has high hopes for the communities participating in Play for Peace. She is hoping that in some way, Play for Peace will influence a new generation of young people who are aware of their environment and who recognize their responsibility to always do better, not only for themselves but for their fellow humans.