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Tag : volunteer

Kikori Spotlight: Joel Alexander, Content Crew Volunteer

Now through June, Play for Peace is partnering with the experiential learning app Kikori to develop a one-stop shop for activity plans. Meet Joel Alexander, one crew volunteer whose time and talents are bringing high-quality activities to facilitators around the world.

Aidan Hennessy

“Every day I think about all the kids I can help and it’s the best feeling in the world knowing that I’ve helped them.”

#OurStories: Blogger Laura Vasquez

“Change is good and we must not be afraid of it!” - Laura Vasquez Born and raised in Mexico City, Laura has worked as a Play for Peace volunteer for almost 2 years. In addition to covering Latin America, Laura also helps with communications for…

#OurStories: PFP Mexico City Volunteer Delia Vega Mercado

A very special Inner Leadership Workshop in Mexico City recently focused on leadership, communication, frustration management, and flexibility abilities and techniques.