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Knowing how to overcome obstacles can help you stay focused and calm under pressure.

Life has many ups and downs. You could think you've got it all figured out one day. Then, all of a sudden, you're hit with a curve ball. You are not alone in experiencing these emotions. Everyone must confront their own set of difficulties. Knowing how to overcome obstacles can help you stay focused and calm under pressure. Everyone has their own preferences regarding how to approach a life difficulty. When things get rough, there are a few helpful suggestions and tactics to keep in mind.

For that, our two youth facilitators, Elie and Scheilla, helped their team learn how to work together to contribute to the reduction of challenges and failures, and that success is celebrated together regardless of who worked more. This was a fantastic interactive workshop with 15 THARS staff members from the Healing Play group, a Play for Peace partner organization that is pioneering a new path to peace by providing resources for trauma healing and reconciliation in Burundi and the African Great Lakes Region.

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Live Laughter. Choose Compassion. Practice Peace.

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