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Country Profile: Burundi

One of the smallest, yet most densely populated countries in Africa, Burundi shares a border with Rwanda, Tanzania, and Congo. In 2016, the country was ranked 184 out of 188 in the Human Development Index and is considered one of the poorest countries in the world. Like neighboring Rwanda—which experienced the unspeakable horrors of genocide when the Hutus attempted to decimate the Tutsi population in 1994—Burundi has faced ethnic violence and massacres between the two groups since gaining independence in 1962. Although peacekeeping attempts have been made and some of the violence has subsided, the situation in the country is unstable. In 2015, new conflicts broke out due to the president’s decision to run for a third term, causing hundreds of deaths and and many people to flee the country.

In February 2019, Play for Peace trainers Sam and Sarah Towers visited Burundi, hosting peace sessions with students, teachers, and staff in six different schools and working with partner THARS (Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Services). Since Play for Peace uses cooperative play to release tension and help people cope with trauma, THARS was very interested in learning about its methodology and integrating Play for Peace into its sessions.

The group in Burundi officially registered as a Play for Peace club in May 2019, with THARS as its partner organization. They are eager to work with the global learning community and connect with Play for Peace clubs around the world, sharing the same values of cooperation, inclusion, caring, and fun.

"Play for Peace will help the community to rebuild confidence. We are very happy to  have a new approach to heal the hearts of Burundians."   

Obed Nijimbere 
Play for Peace Mentor 

Play for Peace Club, Stories, and Projects

Healing Play

Bujumbura, Burundi

  • Oct 11, 2023

    It's wonderful to hear about the efforts and dedication of Our Mentor, Obed NIJIMBERE, who shared with us a healing play story from Burundi recently. Since Play for Peace dedicated a location for Practice Peace and other session in Burundi, the associations asked facilitators to conduct a Healing Play session on September 29, 2023

  • Feb 22, 2023

    Life has many ups and downs. You could think you've got it all figured out one day. Then, all of a sudden, you're hit with a curve ball. You are not alone in experiencing these emotions. Everyone must confront their own set of difficulties. Knowing how to overcome obstacles can help you stay focused and calm under pressure.

  • Nov 9, 2022

    The home is the first foundation of your child’s support system. It’s their safe space, where they can be themselves without judgment. Listen, empathize and validate their emotions and problems. They need to know it’s okay to not be like the other kids...