Country Profile: Nepal

While Nepal is small in size, it is very diverse in its culture, with a population that is multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multi-religious. However, with its cultural diversity exists conflict—some communities are quite poor and many groups, including women, have experienced inequality and discrimination. In the absence of empathy and cooperation suffering has grown, relations have deteriorated, and conflict has led to fear, insecurity, and stress.

Play for Peace began working in Nepal in 2009 and is currently active in three different communities, all of which struggle with poverty, violence, and inequality, Their work is focused on processes of non-violent communication, non-aggressive interactions, and cooperation. Play for Peace Youth facilitators work to build relationships with the children they meet during play sessions, most of who return regularly to participate, learning to make friends and cooperate in a group.

Several children who began as participants are now youth facilitators who bring change and peace to their communities and schools. Play for Peace is continuing to help young people stay away from conflict and instead participate in meaningful, worthwhile activities. As a result, many have found the self confidence and courage to stand up against violence and become positive and respected leaders in their communities.

"Through my organization GPYC, I was exposed to Play for Peace. In the beginning, I could not connect with it. I couldn’t understand the purpose of these games. But then I observed the difference in the students—how they cooperated with each other and were eager to play together. I started facilitating these games and it made me realize how they help people to open up, connect with other group members, take initiative, and realize important aspects of life. I really appreciate Play for Peace activities and always want to do it wholeheartedly."   

Runny Kayastha 
Play for Peace Mentor,
Udaudo Peace Club

Play for Peace Clubs, Stories, and Projects

Udaudo Peace Club

Hattigauda, Kathmandu

Nepal Friendship Society Club

Chitwan, Province No. 3

  • Mar 22, 2019

    This April, thanks to trainer and regional coordinator Archana Magar, aspiring peace builders in Nepal will have the chance to learn about Play for Peace and the skills needed to bring peace through the power of play.

  • Jul 5, 2018

    When Play for Peace Trainer Rita Nguyen visited our club in Kathmandu, Nepal, she met passionate, energetic youth leaders working hard to create a thriving community. Find out more about her experience and the dedicated members of the GPYC.

  • Jan 8, 2018

    The Nepal Friendship Society was awarded a certificate of recognition for outstanding contributions to the sanitation sector in the first City Council of Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality. Birendra Poudel, chairperson of Nepal Friendship Society,…

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