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An Earth Week to Remember: Celebrations from Guatemala to India

“You don't like to see trash! You want clean air to breathe, you want safe water to drink, so for that you need to take care of our planet.”

This past April, Play for Peace clubs around the world celebrated Earth Week by taking part in the 2019 Play for Peace Global Games. From April 22-26, 18 clubs in nine countries worked in their communities to demonstrate acts of kindness and care for the Earth. Working with more than 700 children over the course of the week, our clubs explored what it means to be a leader when you feel connected to the earth.

In India, the Jagran Club had children using their imaginations to paint how they wanted to see Mother Earth. Many painted scenes filled with flowers, greenery and animals. Other groups drew playgrounds in their worlds because there are none nearby.

Just outside San Raymundo, Guatemala, our club there gathered 30 youth and teens age 13-17 at the local community center, taking part in activities focusing on connecting and caring for the earth.

Our club in Nepal, Nepal Friendship Society, conducted a four-hour tree plantation session with 25 youth, creating an awareness for taking action and caring for the earth. The group discussed recycling more, using less, and leading by example. Other ideas for caring for the earth were using public transportation and biking more, using less plastic—using reusable water bottles and shopping bags, as well as paper straws for drinking. The group closed the session with a Play for Peace ritual.

A New Day Play for Peace club in Vietnam conducted various activities and practice peace sessions. They discussed environmental issues and solutions and created small projects that will help protect the environment. They also recorded messages from youth about how to save the earth.

The Play for Peace Mexico club played with nature and engaged in activities and discussions about seeds, soil, and water. Participants discussed how to protect, save, and caring for the earth and also observed the surrounding nature and animals. The club closed the event with a celebration.

Finally, our new club in Kenya, the Star Club, organized a variety of Earth Week activities. With a total of 57 participants, the group took part in practice peace sessions, songs, cleaning up a garden, and making a sculpture.

As a result of our Earth Week efforts, Play for Peace clubs and community members around the world were inspired to put ideas into practice in order to save our world.

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