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Category : Nepal

Reflections from Nepal: Meet Our Youth Leader from the Himalaya Club

Back in April, the Himalaya Club was formed in Nepal, bringing peace through cooperative play to new communities in the area. For one youth leader, Saugat Singh Saud, being a part of Play for Peace has been a life-changing experience.

An Earth Week to Remember: Celebrations from Guatemala to India

This past April, Play for Peace clubs around the world celebrated Earth Week by taking part in the 2019 Play for Peace Global Games. Working with more than 700 children over the course of the week, our clubs explored what it means to be a leader when you feel connected to the earth.

Calling All Peace Builders: Join Us in Nepal

This April, thanks to trainer and regional coordinator Archana Magar, aspiring peace builders in Nepal will have the chance to learn about Play for Peace and the skills needed to bring peace through the power of play.

Hope Meets Dedication: A Visit to the GPYC Club in Nepal

When Play for Peace Trainer Rita Nguyen visited our club in Kathmandu, Nepal, she met passionate, energetic youth leaders working hard to create a thriving community. Find out more about her experience and the dedicated members of the GPYC.

Nepal Friendship Society Recognized by Bharatpur Metro Municipality City Council

The Nepal Friendship Society was awarded a certificate of recognition for outstanding contributions to the sanitation sector in the first City Council of Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality. Birendra Poudel, chairperson of Nepal Friendship Society,…

#PFPGlobalUnity: Nepal Friendship Society

The children of the Nepal Friendship Society stay incredibly busy - especially during the Compassion Games. During the Global Unity Games, youth from all over Chitwan, Nepal, participated in special events to celebrate their diversity, their belief…

#PFPGlobalUnity: GPYC

GPYC is no stranger to the Compassion Games. In fact, you can see all of the work they've done on our website. During the Global Unity Games, GPYC brought together 18 participants and two facilitators in Baneshwor, Nepal. And they played. They…

#PFPGlobalUnity: Birendra Poudel Honored at WARP Summit

“I am a simple citizen. My contribution could be small, but even the impossible can be possible if we all work together." Birendra Poudel is the founder and chairperson of the Nepal Friendship Society as well as a certified Play for Peace trainer.…

Our Stories: PFP Mentor Sarnima (Runny) Kayastha

Sarnima (Runny) Kayastha is a PFP mentor located in Nepal. She works with the youth of GPYC Nepal and we are thrilled to have her story on our blog this week: "My career started as a teacher. I loved teaching, but after teaching for two and half…

It Works! Ajat Shatru Conducts Play for Peace Trainings in Nepal and Bangladesh

In 2007, Ajat Shatru joined Play for Peace as a certified trainer. After years of working as a lawyer and later in corporate sales, Shatru began his “third life” in India seeking to change the conditions of his local community. Reflecting on the…