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Anser Javed shines as a beacon of compassion and unity

Now from his words- “In the wake of a deeply unfortunate incident that shook Jaranwala, I embarked on a mission of compassion and solidarity which was marked by profound grief. I ventured into the heart of the Jaranwala division, accompanied by a few friends, where reports had emerged of 16 churches being destroyed by a misguided extremist mob, triggered by baseless rumors of a young Christian boy burning the Quran. My primary objective was to bring a ray of hope to the affected communities. Armed with 25 food parcels and 600 packets of noodles for the children, I set out on this emotional journey.
I was blessed with the opportunity to engage with the children through games and activities. Their smiles, though tentative, carried the promise of hope. A pastor and another kind soul approached me, thanking me for bringing joy to these frightened children.”

Thank you to Anser Javeed! Amidst darkness, his unity, compassion, and dedication inspire us all.

Live Laughter. Choose Compassion. Practice Peace.

Find out more about what we’re doing there ->

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